Super Easy Debian Webcam Streaming Server

how hard/easy setting up a debian webcam streaming server? all depends on your webcam model.
i got creative webcam pro which is very easily detect by debian simply using this command:

modprobe ov511

you have to change ov511 depends on your webcam driver

now that my debian already know about my webcam, i just come here to download linux compiled binary and run it.

tar -zxvf palantir-bin-x.x.tgz
cd palantir-bin-x.x/server/
./palantir -s 640x480

that's it!
just five lines of command entered and you got your self debian streaming server.

you can access your webcam using any browser by entering:


3000 is the default port used by palantir.
you can change it if you like.

just type

./palantir --help

for all command options

or, you can also download dedicated client to view your webcam from here:

make it start everytime you startup your linux.
edit /etc/rc.local using your favorite editor.

vi /etc/rc.local

then enter these lines into it:
modprobe ov511
/whereyouputit/palantir-bin-x.x/server/palantir  -s 640x480 &>null

the '&' at the end of palantir command is to let palantir run and get us back to command prompt. the '>null' is to dump all output. you can also output to a file if you need a log using '>/etc/palantir.log' for example.

now restart your linux and see if everything smooth.

  • might also applied to any other distro you like.


vlc -vvv --extraintf="dummy" --noaudio --loop "e:\tricks_cut.avi" --aspect-ratio="1.22222" --sout="#transcode:rtp" --sout-transcode-width=176 --sout-transcode-height=144 --sout-transcode-vcodec="H263" --sout-transcode-vb="15" --sout-transcode-fps="5" --sout-rtp-dst="" --sout-rtp-port-video="22000" --sout-rtp-ttl="255" --sout-rtp-sdp="file://C:/Program Files/Darwin Streaming Server/Movies/vlc3.sdp"
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