a linux distro or any other os that get all the market share:

  • give no options. windows give no options to users. you get msie, etc… ubuntu give very little options to users unless you know about apt-get. all everyday-apps are installed by default.
  • one single install cd. if you give users a half dozen debian cds to install an os, they wont even try it.
  • live cd is great way to show off and let user see what they gonna get…
  • live cd must be installable. user will never want to download another cd to install and another cd to test it. just give one single installable live cd.
  • never confuse user with gnome/kde/etc… newbies do not know about these stuffs and might not want to know. see ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/etc… there's no ubuntu with kde or kubuntu with gnome.. again… give one cd. give no option
  • never confuse user with non-free, non-oss, licensing stuffs, etc… user want flash plugin, jre, nvidia, wifi, mp3, ntfs, etc… and it should works out-of-the-box. or, with minimal fuss (one-click-install?). that's why centos will never goes to desktop for the masses

even (a one-man-project) pclinuxos can get no.2 in distrowatch. because it's linux2rulez!
and ubuntu is the one linux2rulez.

then opensuse coming up. but they should get rid of kde/gnome options to win more market. and the download options somewhat confusing newbies. what/which to download? livecd? kde? gnome? what the heck is network install?? etc….
that's why it's still behind pclinuxos. but they're improving. at least the 10.3 livecd release are now installable.

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