Linux Minimal Desktop
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latest linux distros is too big and slow for you and your computer?
too much bloat with stuffs that you never use or even know about?

reboot yourself :) refresh your computers. see out of the box.
try out a brand new perspective.
bring back your old pc alive!

your distro (any distro?) can be as slim as you need it.
i run X on old pentium 2 with 64meg ram. it wont fly but it does what i need it to.
but if you got 256+meg ram, it can fly and leave any win xp - with on the same hardware specs - out in the dust…

my kids having fun everyday with kidsuse on pentium4 2ghz and 512meg ram

dont take my words for it. just try it out yourself. seeing is believing.

Various Linux Minimal Desktop Installations

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