Instant Debian Lamp

Instant Debian Linux apache2-mpm-worker suexec php5 fcgid mysql

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install apache2-mpm-worker apache2-suexec libapache2-mod-fcgid php5-cgi  php5-mysql php5-sqlite php5-curl mysql-server phpmyadmin gdebi-core
gdebi apf-firewall_9.7+rev1-1_all.deb
/etc/init.d/apf-firewall start

Instant Debian Linux Apache2 Mysql5 PHP5

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
tar zxvf apf-current.tar.gz
cd apf-x.x-x
vi /etc/apf/conf.apf
# adjust your settings, after you tested ok, remove the debug mode.
/etc/init.d/apf start
apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5 php5-mysql php5-sqlite php5-curl phpmyadmin postfix



  • you need postfix/sendmail/exim to be able to use phpmail


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