Hype Or Else

the great conspiracy theory:
the computer manufacturers and software developers pushing their products to us. the latest apps need faster computer and the latest computers works better with latest apps. this way, pushing us to buy a new computer every couple of year.
is it true?

push mail:
you need push mail to get your email on your mobile faster?
if you adjust your automatic check email schedule, it only have few minutes (if not seconds) time different between imap/pop3 and push mail arrival.
if the mail is really very important, you will be called by the sender to inform you that they send you a very important email and you can check it immediately

linux is for geek. linux is very difficult:
it's all about habits.
because you use windows all the time, you already get used to it. so it takes time to learn linux.
if you use linux all the time, you will find windows is more difficult.
just like when you bought a pair of new shoes. it takes some time and maybe some scratch on your feet to get used to it.
checkout how difficult windows is for linux user: http://matthias-endler.de/?p=41

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