Howto Choose Linux Distro

which (linux) distro should i use??
which distro you use?

one question with thousands answers. this is my answer.

this is not intent to be the ultimate answer. in fact, there's no single answer for this question.
this maybe the number 1 most asked question all time and every time it's asked, you'll get at least few answer from each of dozens people.

here's my $0.02

  • n00b. newbies. stop asking just use ubuntu. it's build with ease and (almost) user friendly. even for the server distro. any n00b can build your own lamp server within 15 minutes. next. try opensuse. after you get to know linux, you can try other distros. then, you will have your own answer to this very question.
  • learning. slackware/archlinux. you might heard already… use distro, learn distro. use slackware, learn linux. archlinux is built with same simplicity as slackware.
  • fun. archlinux is fun to play with…
  • enterprise server. rhel, centos, sles, ubuntu LTS server. these are specifically built for the enterprise
  • office workstation. opensuse, ubuntu LTS.
  • home desktop. who want everything just works almost flawlessly. ubuntu, opensuse.
  • most apps. if you want most apps easily without messing with repos, etc. choose opensuse, ubuntu. you can install almost everything from standard repo.
  • support required. rhel, sles, ubuntu LTS.
  • updated, bleeding edge apps. gentoo, lfs, archlinux
  • geeks. 1337. most geeks choose debian, slackware, archlinux. so… if you want to be a geek, learn them.

if you choose ubuntu for serious business desktop or enterprise server, use only LTS (Dapper 606/Hardy 804) version

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