Hosting Panel

webhosting control panels

Free Panels:
AlternC -
DTC (Domain Technologie Control) -
ISPConfig Hosting Control Panel -
RavenCore -
SysCP - System Control Panel -
Web-cp -
Webmin -
VishwaKarma -
ZPanel - - Windows & Linux
Commercial panels with limited free version (not trial versions)
ControlZx HMS - (renamed from Drzes).
DigiPanel -
Parsv - - Windows
ServerCP - - Linux
VirtualMin - - addin module for webmin, comes as a free version or a paid version with more features
Commercial Panels
Alabanza's CP -
CPanel / WHM -
Plesk -
Directadmin -
H-Sphere -
iBizPanel -
Interworx -
CP+ -
InsPanel - Hosting Control Panel For Windows -
HostingAccelerator -
Ensim -
Etrinix Corp -
Webhost Panel -
Hosting Controller -
HostFlow -
Ravencore -
CubePanel - Windows & Linux
XPanel :

Cwipanel - - Windows
DotNetPanel - - Windows

- layeredpanel - leading free host panel (php) that is light and has fantastico like functionality. It is light and built in server clustering. You can run it on server with cpanel or a second copy of layered panel. Supports forced ads, but not post-to-host automation. Free hosting only, no paid upgrade. Is about $150 or closer to $200 installed.
- giantpanel - cheaper version of layered panel. its the same product.
- xpanel - Perl based. Supports forceds and paid upgrade. $49 installed. Likes to be on its own on a server. No post to host automation. Autoinstall phpbb and wordpress.
- ipanel - Not a control panel. Billing system that integrates with cpanel/whm. Requires dedicated support. Forces ads, automates post to host, and manages paid upgrades. About $80 for script. You can use iAds script for $40 if you only want forced ads, and use whmcs/clientexec to manage sign-ups

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