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amazon s3 (somewhat cheap. pay as you use)
cachefly (fix monthly cost)
nearlyfreespeech (pay as you use)
joyent bingodisk/accelerator


extra redundancy & load balancing on nfshost

basically just an idea. not tested yet.

either if you got a really very important site or a really very busy site.
so here's how you can get extra redundancy or extra load balancing.
the steps:

  • create 2 or more sites on nfshost
  • get rsync account for schedule backup
  • sync your public folder or one of its subfolder that need extra redundancy
  • now that all folder in sync, you can cname to multiple nfshost sites.
  • finish


  • each nfshost sites have 3 ip address (meaning 3 servers?)
  • if you have 3 sites to share the load meaning you have 9 ip address (9 servers?)
  • it's very unlikely all those servers down at a same time. unless the whole nfshost datacenter down?

when someone open they're given one of the 9 ip using round robin.

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