broker gold silver Recommended brokers for gold and silver trading


  1. EU regulated forex broker
  2. Leverage up to 1:500
  3. Instant withdrawals
  4. Minimum deposit $10
  5. Bonuses up to 30% on deposit
  6. 24 hours multilingual support
  7. All deposits are insured up to $20,000 per account
  8. Tight Spreads (fixed 2 pips on EUR USD and floating starting from 0 pips)
  9. Instant execution – No Dealing Desk


  1. Fixed spreads
  2. FREE advanced online forex trading tools
  3. Dozens of currency pairs and metals
  4. Daily exclusive institutional analysis
  5. 24-Hour trading and support
  6. Trade immediately by credit card, PayPal or WebMoney.
  7. Start trading forex with as little as $100
  8. 200:1 leverage*
  9. No commissions or fees**
  10. Euro or US Dollar trading account
  11. Withdraw instantly with Ava Debit Card

Alpari & Alpari Indonesia

* available in local 9 language
* gold account
* autotrading capabilities
* ndd and ecn technologies available
* free market analytics: autochartist and trading central
* managed fund available
* ensure you enter partner id: 97749 to receive our full support
* pastikan anda masukkan partner id: 97749 untuk dukungan penuh dari kami

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