Anti Antibiotic

for the sake of your own health…

healthy body is NOT a steril body without any virus/bacteria.
healthy body IS body with good immunity to fight the bad virus/bacteria.
illness is a sign that your healthy body is fighting for better health.
help the fight with good food, good rest and lots lots of drink.

"Antibiotic resistance comes mainly because of inappropriate or improper use of antibiotics by physicians. Some 150 million prescriptions are written annually in this country. And 60 percent of them — that translates to 90 million prescriptions — are for antibiotics. Of those, 50 million are absolutely unnecessary or inappropriate."

— Dr. Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology and diagnostic immunology at New York University Medical Center

did you know that:
  • The risk of breast cancer is in proportion to the frequency of antibiotic use(JAMA. 2004;291:827-835) ?
  • That abuse of antibiotic in now associated with increase of asthma, allergic skin conditions, and urinary infections?
  • That the side effects of antibiotics often outweigh their benefits?
What You Should do:

* Discuss need for antibiotic with your doctor and be willing to try other ways.
* Encourage your friends to do the same.
* Warn your friends of the dangers of popping an antibiotic any time, of not finishing the antibiotic prescription. Teach the importance of Hot Tea and Chicken Soup for a cold.

source: The ZAAP Program - Zap Antibiotic Abuse Personally

WHO: Use of antimicrobials outside human medicine and resultant antimicrobial resistance in humans

Antibiotic Use In Infants Linked To Asthma
The Science Advisory Board ~ June 13, 2007
New research indicates that children who receive antibiotics before their first birthday are significantly more likely to develop asthma by age 7. The study, published in the June issue of CHEST, the peer-reviewed journal of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), reports that children receiving antibiotics in the first year of life were at greater risk for developing asthma by age 7 than those not receiving antibiotics. The risk for asthma doubled in children receiving antibiotics for nonrespiratory infections, as well as in children who received multiple antibiotic courses and who did not live with a dog during the first year.

Early Life Infections Improve the Function of the Immune System
American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic 2006 (Apr); 16 (2): 22–25
This collection of medical citations presented by Dan Murphy, DC demonstrates that early exposure to antibiotic use and Pertussis vaccination contribute to the development of atopic disorders such as asthma, and hay fever, and may also be associated with the onset of pediatric lymphoblastic leukemia. Our thanks to Harrison Chiropractic Biophysics Seminars and the American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic for releasing this article exclusively at Chiro.Org!

Antibiotics Are Not for Colds and Flu

Taking antibiotics for viral infections — such as a cold, cough, the flu, and acute bronchitis —

• Will not cure the infection

• Will not keep other individuals from catching the illness

• Will not help a person feel better

• May cause an unnecessary harmful side effect

on antibiotics:

is it political issue?

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